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US and European natural gas prices have jumped to multi-year highs; to the extent that comparisons with the 1970’s oil crises are perhaps not as far-fetched as some would think.

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The US standoff on the debt limit: an unnecessary political game

In October we could see both a US government shutdown and a government default if the spending and debt bill approved by the House of Representatives on Tuesday does not pass the Senate. This is a game of chicken between Democrats and Republicans that is completely unnecessary.


Inflatie is risico voor de koopkracht (Dutch)

Onlangs publiceerden wij onze nieuwe ramingen voor de wereldeconomie. Vergevorderde vaccinatiecampagnes hebben een positieve groei-impuls gegeven. Maar tegelijkertijd werpen verstoringen in internationale waardenketens een steeds grotere schaduw over de toekomstige groei in zowel de VS als Europa.

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COVID-19 Economic Dashboard

Hard economic data usually comes available at quite some lag. To gauge the economic impact of COVID-19 we look at more timely economic indicators that are readily available. Data on traffic jams, international flights, and restaurant bookings are released sooner and more frequently. This helps us to better monitor the economic situation during the COVID-19 crisis.