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Special Dutch version

Outlook 2012: Looming recession

Although the Dutch economy will continue its recovery in 2011 and 2012, it will be at a significantly slower pace than in 2010. The country is faced with weakening world trade growth since second half of 2011, and the government is poised to step up its austerity programme in 2012.


Outlook 2013: Lower growth is the new reality

In 2013 the Dutch economy will show a very low growth rate of just 0.25%. Globally, the emerging markets will drive economic growth mostly. We project that, mainly as a result of the euro crisis, the global economy will grow by only 3.75% in 2013.


Funding for growth. Now and in the future

How do businesses fund their growth in the coming years? We conclude that large companies fund themselves to a significant extent with equity, whereas small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) depend mainly on bank lending for their funding.