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De stijgende zorguitgaven in perspectief (Dutch)

De zorguitgaven in Nederland zullen voorlopig blijven stijgen, omdat de traditionele instrumenten niet effectief genoeg zijn om de groei van de zorguitgaven af te remmen. Daarom is het tijd om out of the box te denken om de zorguitgaven te beheersen.

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Was nun, Mutti? II: Merkel fights for her political future

The breaking down of ‘Jamaica’-coalition talks last night brings unprecedented political uncertainty to Germany. Political initiative and control is moving away from Merkel towards the President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who can ultimately trigger new elections.

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The impact of Blockchain on trade finance

Blockchain is a technology which allows for an automatic and safe check and execution of transactions. Blockchain offers the opportunity to finance trade more cheaply and with less risk. Banks will remain an important player in trade finance.