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Modi's BJP sweeps general elections, but faces arduous task

BJP’s unexpected sweep of India’s general elections means that Prime Minister Modi has a clear mandate to follow through on its reform agenda. However, we believe his government will struggle to push through more difficult reforms, such as labour market and land reforms, which are much needed to lift the country’s growth above 7%.


The US-China trade war in the rerun

The US has raised import tariffs from 10% to 25% on 200bn worth of Chinese goods shipped to US shores and China has vowed to retaliate. In this report, we assess the economic impact of these measures, as well as a scenario where the US-China trade war fully escalates.


Economische verschillen tussen Nederlandse provincies (Dutch)

Het aandeel van de Randstad-provincies en Noord-Brabant in de Nederlandse werkgelegenheid en productiewaarde is groot. De opbrengst van deze bedrijvigheid komt niet alleen ten goede aan deze regio's zelf, maar door woon-werkverkeer en uitkeringen ook aan de inwoners van de andere provincies.