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Economic Update

France: recovery stuck in the starting blocks

The French economy registered growth of 0.0% in 2014Q1 q-o-q, caused by weak consumer spending, poor business investment and declining net exports. We expect these trends to continue and expect therefore a very modest recovery going forward.

Economic Update

Spain: increasing growth, decreasing inflation

Gradually increasing GDP growth in recent quarters and a further improvement of sentiment show that the Spanish recovery is on a solid footing. However, despite this recovery, inflation remains worryingly low.


Het sociale gat van de eurozone (Dutch)

De werkloosheid in veel Westerse landen is op dit moment zeer hoog, zeker in de eurozone. De huidige regels in de eurozone zijn echter vooral gericht op het op orde krijgen van de overheidsfinanciën en niet op arbeidsmarktproblemen.

Economic Update

Germany: mild winter dominates the figures

The German economy had a strong start of 2014 growing 0.8% q-o-q. The growth acceleration can partly be attributed to the soft winter that boosted construction activity. Therefore we expect a somewhat lower growth figure for the current quarter.

Economic Update Dutch version

The Netherlands: Temporary contraction of GDP

GDP in the Netherlands contracted sharply by 1.4% in the first quarter, compared to the previous quarter. This contraction is largely due to temporary factors and is therefore not representative of the underlying economic trend.