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Verdere groei op de regionale woningmarkt (Dutch)

Vrijwel alle regio’s haken aan bij het landelijke herstel op de woningmarkt. Recente cijfers tonen aan dat de gemiddelde verkoopprijs in 39 van de veertig regio’s is gestegen. De groei op de woningmarkt is dus niet voorbehouden aan de Randstad.

Column Dutch version

Outlook 2016: green surrounded by orange

In an international climate where so many indicators are orange, we should count our blessings for now that the Netherlands is set to be a green oasis both this year and next. Things have looked rather different in recent years.

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly Dutch version

Dutch housing market to maintain higher sales levels next year

House prices and sales will increase this year and next, due to the economic recovery, the good affordability and high consumer confidence. We expect this to be stronger than the issue of negative equity and the tightening of lending criteria.