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Contant geld is nog lang niet weg (Dutch)

Het gebruik van contant geld in ons land loopt terug. Grote betalingen worden al heel lang vooral via de bank afgewikkeld. Aan de toonbank was contant geld tot voor kort nog wel dominant bij kleinere transacties. Maar sinds de komst van de contactloze betaling neemt het gebruik van cash ook hier snel af.

Economic Comment Dutch version

EURIBOR reforms: Same car, different engine

EURIBOR will continue to exist for the foreseeable future, albeit with a new methodology. So there is no immediate risk of disruption. Still, contracts should include robust fall-backs for the eventuality that EURIBOR is discontinued in the future.

Economic Comment Dutch version

EONIA switches to €STR

€STR was launched in October as replacement for EONIA, which will be discontinued after 2021. The switch to €STR directly affects contracts that reference EONIA and mature after 2021. It may also impact valuations of other contracts.