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Economic Quarterly Report Dutch version

Faltering global economy now also spreads to the Netherlands

The Dutch economy is expected to grow in by 1¾ per cent in 2016 and 1½ per cent in 2017. Compared to the forecasts in our previous Quarterly Report, economic growth will be lower. This is mainly due to slower growth at the Netherlands’ major trading partners.

Economic Quarterly Report Dutch version

China: a balancing act between growth and reforms

The government is currently performing a balancing act between keeping the economy going and safeguarding social and financial stability. Authorities continue to follow a step-by-step strategy to reduce excess capacity in heavy industry state-owned enterprises.

Economic Quarterly Report Dutch version

China: when will the hangover of the debt binge set in?

Macro economically, China is in calmer water now but medium term risks have been on the rise, at the same time. Debt keeps piling, especially for state owned enterprises, which boast ever lower profits. As a result the asset quality of loans, and consequently financial stability, are coming under pressure.