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De voor- en nadelen van full reserve banking (Dutch)

Invoering van full reserve banking brengt niet alleen voordelen, maar ook nadelen met zich mee. Procycliciteit wordt niet volledig uitgebannen, klantvrijheid wordt sterk ingeperkt en verlegging van activiteiten naar het niet-gereguleerde deel van het financiële stelsel wordt in de hand gewerkt. De voorgestelde grotere rol voor de overheid in het geldscheppingsproces is omstreden.

Country Report

Russia: bottoming out?

Russia’s economy might be finally bottoming out after recording a 5% yoy contraction in 2Q15, the sharpest in six years. However the growth outlook remains bleak due to structurally lower oil prices, existing sanctions and lack of structural reforms.

Country Report

Kenya: climbing economy, sliding currency

Kenya’s economy continues to grow strongly, but the depreciating currency poses short term risks for inflation and debt service. In the medium term, elections in 2018 could give rise to increased ethnic tensions and result in civil unrest.

Country Report

South Africa: exacerbating structural problems

South Africa’s growth outlook is held back by low investor confidence and structural weaknesses in areas such as infrastructure, labour and competition. Neither of these are likely to be addressed in the current financial and political climate.