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Country Report

Country report Italy

Italy’s economy shrank again in 2014, and is expected to only recover slowly. Political stability has improved a bit and the government’s reform agenda is promising. Some major reforms have already been achieved, but progress is and will remain slow.

Country Report

Country report Singapore

Strong institutions and policymaking support (potential) GDP growth, while the country’s small size and ageing pose challenges. Healthy balance sheets and a solid international creditor position reduce Singapore’s susceptibility to (global) shocks.


Deflatie in de eurozone: zorgelijk of niet? (Dutch)

Vooral door tijdelijke factoren liep de deflatie in de eurozone in januari op tot 0,6%. De lage kerninflatie en dalende inflatieverwachtingen zijn echter wel zorgelijk. Het is de vraag of QE door de ECB een afdoende antwoord biedt op de deflatierisico’s.