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Germany: Will growth also disappoint in H1 2010?

We expect Germany’s economy to be supported by the inventory correction as well as external demand in H1 2010. There are, however, significant downside risks to this forecast.

Economic Comment

Will Greece face trouble rolling over its debt?

Rumours are mounting that a Greek syndicated bond issue is to be launched within days. This is an important event as the success or failure of such issuance will determine whether the Greeks have to go cap in hand to the European Commission or not.


Geef Griekenland de spelen terug (Dutch)

Griekenland is de bakermat van onze beschaving. Het heeft ons veel geschonken, waarbij de democratische staatsvorm misschien wel het grootste geschenk is. Een ander prachtgeschenk zijn natuurlijk de Olympische Spelen.

Economic Report

The return of IFI lending

The global financial crisis has brought the IMF, the World Bank and other International Financial Institutions (IFI’s) back to the spotlights. With large emergency loan packages, they have helped countries to deal with the severe economic shocks.

Country Report

Country Report Hungary

Hungary struggled through the financial and economic crisis in 2009. The economy shrunk by 7% and there was little room for fiscal stimulus as Hungary had to adhere to the conditions of the IMF attached to the aid package.

Country Report

Country Report Bulgaria

Similar to other Eastern European countries, the financial crisis hit Bulgaria mainly through a drop in export demand, tighter credit facilities and general risk aversion against the region. The economy shrunk by 5% in 2009.

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In de ban van het Goud (Dutch)

Sinds de Verenigde Staten in 1971 de koppeling van de dollar aan het goud hebben losgelaten speelt goud formeel geen rol meer in het internationale stelsel. Toch klinkt regelmatig de oproep om terugkeer naar een op goud gebaseerd stelsel.

Economic Report

Chili: a step to the right

Since the return to democracy in 1990, the center-left oriented coalition, the Concertación, had won every presidential election. In fact, Piñera is the first right-wing candidate to win a democratic presidential election since Jorge Allisandri Rodríguez won the presidency in 1958.

Economic Report

Chili: nature strikes

One of the strongest earthquakes to ever hit Chile occurred on 27 February 2010. The country’s infrastructure sustained massive damage and the death toll is currently estimated around 600. As a result of the earthquake, economic activity will be subdued in the short term.

Economic Report

Second life (Dutch)

In Second Life is het mogelijk om, parallel aan de echte wereld, een virtueel tweede leven te beginnen. De virtuele wereld van Second Life lijkt in veel opzichten op de materiële wereld. Maar is er in Second Life sprake van een volwaardige economie?

Country Report

Malaysia (Country report)

The global recession in 2009 hit Malaysia via the trade channel. The highly export dependent economy experienced a steep decline in external demand for its export products last year.