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Brexit update: May-be later

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, averts another crisis and pushes the Brexit can down the road making it likely that the Brexit negotiations run into further delays and the withdrawal agreement is ready only towards the end of 2018.

Economic Report

De omvang en prognoses van "het" woningtekort (Dutch)

Het huidige woningtekort in Nederland bedraagt meer dan 100.000 woningen. In de Randstad en Flevoland komen ze de meeste huizen tekort. Worden de bouwplannen uit de Nationale Woonagenda gerealiseerd, dan zal het woningtekort tot 2025 substantieel afnemen.

Economic Report

Germany: Merkel’s sports minister causes trouble

The German CSU was to propose a plan to turn away migrants at the border who had registered elsewhere in the EU, prompting a veto from Merkel and leading to a showdown. The current deal provides Merkel with a two-week deadline to try to find (bilateral) deals in Europe.


US-China Trade War: Back to the Future

The US had announced USD 50bn of tariffs on Chinese exports and China has responded with a matching USD 50bn of tariffs on US exports. But the US has now raised the ante with a further unspecified USD 200bn of tariffs on Chinese goods - and the threat of a further USD 200bn if China responds again in kind. What is the possible impact and what might happen next?