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Lebanon (Country report)

The largest country risks in Lebanon lie in the political sphere, as the conflicts between the coalition party and main opposition party are fierce and hinder any progress on economic reforms. The economic outlook is bleak.

Economic Comment

Inflatie lager in december (Dutch)

De inflatie in Nederland daalde van 2,6% in november naar 2,4% in december. Sinds de zomer lag het gemiddelde prijspeil in ons land 2,6% hoger dan een jaar eerder. Over heel 2011 kwam de inflatie uit op gemiddeld 2,3%, ten opzichte van 1,3% in 2010.

Economic Comment

Is the global economy stabilising?

The December manufacturing PMIs have surprised on the upside. We should take comfort that the deterioration in PMIs is nowhere close to what we witnessed at the height of the crisis in 2008-09.