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Italian elections: three scenario’s

The Italian elections on March 4 will likely yield a hung parliament. The reform outlook is weak and some fiscal slippage is likely. We believe the risk of an unexperienced nationalist government is limited, but the market might well be underpricing risks.


De tent, de cent en de vrouw (Dutch)

Vrouwen zetten steeds vaker de stap naar zelfstandig ondernemerschap - inmiddels is ruim een derde van de ondernemers vrouw. Toch betrap ik mezelf erop dat ik bij ‘de ondernemer’ vaak automatisch denk aan een man.


US: Is there rising wage growth on the horizon?

We predict wage growth to peak at 3.0 to 3.3% in the next two years. While this is higher than current levels, it’s on the low end of the Fed’s preferred range. At the same time, our models show that we’re already getting close to the peak of the economic cycle.