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Rabobank’s guiding principle and main objective is to serve the interest of its customers. We are committed to providing them with added value and one of the ways we accomplish this aim is by offering the highest quality financial services tailored to each customer’s individual needs. Based on integrity and mutual respect.

Integrity and respect are central to all our operations

1. Rabobank is bound by the 2001 Personal Data Protection Act and subscribes to the ‘Gedragscode Verwerking Persoonsgegevens Financiële Instellingen’ (Code of Conduct for the Processing of Personal Data by Financial Institutions), which was developed by the Netherlands Bankers’ Association and the Dutch Association of Insurers. This Code of Conduct sets out in full the statutory protection of customers’ personal data. You can request a copy of the Code from the division of Rabobank with which you do business or download a copy from this website.

2. Rabobank uses the personal data you provide in order to advise you as best as possible on its products and services. Your personal data are available to all divisions of Rabobank, in order to ensure that the advice or service we provide matches your needs as much as possible. The internal and statutory regulations related to the exchange of personal data apply in full throughout this process. We also use this information to prevent, detect and control fraud and money laundering. If you do not wish to receive any information about our products and services, please inform the division of Rabobank with which you do business.

3. Rabobank processes your personal data with the utmost care, using only the data we need to provide the best possible services. Insofar as this does not arise by operation of law or as part of the obligations we have undertaken towards you, we will not provide any personal data to third parties without your permission.

4. When dealing with insurance requests, certain divisions of Rabobank also process personal medical data. This is conducted under supervision of medical advisers, who evaluate requests related to the approval and payment of life insurance, occupational disability insurance and related financial services. By virtue of their duty of confidentiality, medical advisers are bound to secrecy and may not disclose your medical information to third parties.

5. You have the option of viewing your personal data and may make corrections if necessary. You may request an overview of your data by writing to the division of Rabobank with which you do business.

6. This Privacy Statement applies primarily to the following Rabobank Group divisions:

  • The local Rabobanks
  • Rabobank (trade name of Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A.)
  • Rabohypotheekbank N.V.
  • Rabo Groen Bank B.V.
  • Rabo Financieringsmaatschappij B.V.
  • Rabo Herverzekeringsmaatschappij N.V.
  • Rabo Vastgoedgroep (including Rabo Bouwfonds Holding N.V., Bouwfonds Investment Management B.V., Bouwfonds Property Development B.V., Rabo Eigen Steen Holding B.V., and FGH Bank N.V.)
  • Subsidiaries of local Rabobanks, including estate agents’ firms and insurance brokers;
  • De Lage Landen International B.V.
  • Schretlen & Co. N.V.
  • Obvion N.V.
  • Orbay B.V.


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Safe and confidential

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