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This is the decade of action to tackle climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transform our energy system. As we speak we are in a major transition towards that new economy, moving from a fossil-based economy to a sustainable and circular economy.

The demand for power will grow because of the electrification of our homes, offices and industries. Renewable energy production like wind and solar are slowly becoming our main energy source. Low-carbon alternatives such as biogas and (blue) hydrogen are required for both fuel and industrial feedstock purposes. While gas grids can be adapted to low or zero carbon gases, the congested power grids and storage capacity already needs significant expansion. Last but not least, the circular economy helps us to reduce pressure on the environment and increase energy efficiency by extending product- and material life time.

The RaboResearch Energy Transition team focusses on the clean tech sector, renewable energy production, energy storage, grids and networks, energy markets, mobility, transport and the circular economy. We provide information on the last trends, insights and deep dives into crucial and upcoming technologies and policies. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and playing our role in accelerating the energy transition.

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Read our studies about energy transition in the Netherlands and energy transition globally.

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