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20 januari 2017

May’s Brexit-plan less rosy than outlined - 20 January 2017
We take a closer look at the key points in Theresa May’s long-awaited speech about the Brexit-plan. Although it has brought clarity as to where the Prime Minister stands, we see large hurdles when it comes to the execution of this plan.

Brexit vote lowers economic growth in the eurozone - 3 August 2016
Wij verwachten dat de Brexit-stem een negatief effect heeft op de economische groei in de eurozone. We denken dat de impact in 2016 beperkt is, maar verlagen onze groeivoorspelling in 2017 voor zowel het eurogebied als Nederland met 0,25%-punt.

United Kingdom: Brexit poses the main risk to the economy – 26 April 2016 
An exit out the European Union poses the main risk to the UK economy. In case of a Brexit, a prolonged period of heightened uncertainty is likely, hurting the British financial sector and business investments. Other risks stem from the high private debt and the banking sector.