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Zahra Janipour

Energy Transition Analyst

Zahra Janipour is Energy Transition Analyst at RaboResearch.

She Holds a master degree in Environmental Sciences of Wageningen University and she is finalizing her PhD research in Industrial Deep Decarbonization at Radboud University and Erasmus University.

Earlier in her career, she has done engineering work in the oil and gas sector and consultancy work in various interdisciplinary sustainability projects. Zahra‚Äôs PhD research is focused on socio-technical dynamics of deep greenhouse gas emission reduction in the energy-intensive industries. During her PhD, she has researched on different energy transition topics such as carbon lock-in in energy-intensive industries and the implications of industrial clustering on the road to achieve deep greenhouse gas emission reductions. She has strong knowledge of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) and has worked on the socio-economic aspects of CCUS.  

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