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Teeuwe Mevissen

Senior Macro Strategist

Teeuwe Mevissen is Senior Macro Strategist at RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets.

As a Senior Macro Strategist he is responsible for the Dutch (mid-)corporate client base. As such he writes the Dutch daily comment and gives client presentations on a broad range of topics. Additionally, he writes the Dutch weekly and provides coverage on various currencies. He is especially interested in the impact of geopolitical events on global financial markets. He also makes national and international media appearances.

Before joining the Rabobank he worked for several banks in different treasury positions. As such he has a broad understanding of the banking sector and global financial markets. He has a MSc in International Economics and Business Studies from Erasmus University Rotterdam and was member of the board of the Young Bankers Association in Rotterdam.

Publications Teeuwe Mevissen

Economic Report

Will the Italian government contract yield?

Since budget talks took off a few weeks ago, concerns over the sustainability of Italy’s public finances have risen. Italian government bonds yields are up and bank shares are down. Bond yield volatility is here to stay for the rest of the year.


Moet de EU zich wapenen voor een handelsconflict? (Dutch)

Inmiddels alweer een jaar geleden schreef ik een column over de G-7 met als titel: ‘Guur klimaat na G-7-top’. Toen was er nog de hoop dat Trump zou afzien van het opzeggen van de gemaakte afspraken in het klimaatakkoord. Inmiddels weten we allemaal beter en is al voor de G-7-top is begonnen het klimaat dermate guur dat de kans bijzonder groot is dat er niet eens een gemeenschappelijke verklaring volgt.

Economic Comment

Japan: Abe’s election ‘gamble’ turned into victory

Abe and his LDP-Komeito coalition were victorious at yesterday’s lower house elections. The disappointing election result for the opposition side is not surprising when one takes into account the short amount of time for a structured election campaign.