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Susan Hansen

Global Strategist Energy Transition

As the Global Strategist Energy Transition, Susan Hansen is responsible for developing Rabobank's research portfolio of the newly funded Energy Transition analyst team that she has co-founded. The team focuses on topics ranging from grids and networks to renewable energy production, storage, and waste management, to name a few.

Susan has got a long-standing career within Rabobank . In the about 20 years in the organisation, Susan has held several roles in research, for example as the Head of the global Clean Tech Research team, which she set up and managed. Currently, she is also the Strategist Supply Chains, being responsible of the global research team that focuses on the food packaging and food logistics sectors. During her many years in research Susan has gained expertise in a range of sectors such as vegetable oil commodities, packaging and renewable energy.

In between, Susan also had a sting in financing where she was working on complex international transactions in various fields, including acquisition finance, asset-based financing, export finance as well as trade & commodity finance.. Prior to working at Rabobank, Susan gained experience in research, analysis, project management and complex contract negotiations in the global telecom and staffing industries.

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