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Stefan Vogel

Head of Agri Commodity Markets Research, Global Sector Strategist Grains & Oilseeds

Stefan is Head of Agri Commodity Markets Research and Global Sector Strategist, Grain & Oilseeds within Rabobank’s Food & Agribusiness Research (RaboResearch F&A).

Stefan has a wealth of market research and corporate strategy experience and is responsible for fundamental market analysis and price forecasting of agri commodities. In addition, as Global Sector Strategist, Grains & Oilseeds he leads the bank’s research in this sector and advises clients on sector trends and strategic implications.

Prior to joining Rabobank Stefan has worked in different agricultural market research and strategy positions, including Head of Economics Department of ADM Germany (former Toepfer International) and Director of Market Research & Business Analytics of Archer Daniels Midland in the US. Stefan also was Vice President of the European Grain Trading association and a member of the EU Commission’s Expert Group on Agricultural Commodity Derivatives and Spot Markets.
Stefan holds a Diploma (equivalent to Master´s Degree) in Agricultural Economics from the University of Giessen.

Publications Stefan Vogel


Global Economic Contraction: Re-assessing the impact of COVID-19

We have revised our economic forecasts and expect the global economy to contract by 2.6% in 2020. How quickly the economy recovers after the coronavirus crisis depends on how fast people get back to work and whether productivity growth is permanently damaged.


Economic implications of the coronavirus

The recent coronavirus outbreak will likely affect China’s economic growth, and could also have global ramifications. which will likely be more severe than compared to the SARS outbreak 17 years ago because China has become much bigger and more intertwined globally.