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Sanne de Boer

Energy Transition Analyst

Sanne de Boer is an energy transition analyst at RaboResearch.

Sanne has received a bachelor’s degree in Science & Innovation management, and  a master’s degree in Energy Science. She graduated cum laude at Utrecht University and is trained to look at energy transition issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. She started her carrier at research-based consultancy Ecorys, where she mainly performed assignments for the European Commission regarding energy and climate topics. After that, she worked for over seven years at Distribution System Operator Stedin, where her main focus was the heat transition in the built environment. 

Because she believes that informing people about the energy transition is very important, Sanne wrote the book ‘De energietransitie uitgelegd’ (the energy transition explained). This book is used by companies and universities of applied sciences to train students and professionals who want to contribute to realising a more sustainable energy system.

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