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Rita Bhageloe-Datadin

Senior Economist

Rita Bhageloe-Datadin works as a senior economist at RaboResearch Netherlands.

She analyzes various topics related to the Dutch economy. She has years of experience in the field of economic research. She studied Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. After that she worked as an economist and (investment) strategist at Generale/Fortis Bank and Aegon Asset Management. She then worked for several years as an economist, (statistical) researcher and economics editor at Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Publications Rita Bhageloe-Datadin

Economic Update Dutch version

The Dutch economy is gaining momentum

The Dutch economy is clearly in a phase of strong recovery. Economic growth is broad-based, with exports are not apparently affected by the international uncertainties. Private consumption is supported by favourable fundamentals.

Economic Report Dutch version

Recovery at last?

Dutch GDP has returned to above the crisis level, but growth is lagging the pre-crisis trend, mainly due to lack of consumption. Are we now in a situation of long-lasting stagnation? What are the determining factors of a demand-driven recovery, or the absence thereof?