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Otto Raspe

Head RaboResearch Regions, Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

Otto is head of RaboResearch Regions, Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship.

Otto has more than twenty years of experience in the field of research into sectoral, regional and urban developments, the impact of spatial investments and economic benchmarks in a broad welfare perspective. His work focuses on trends and developments in the knowledge economy, innovation, entrepreneurship and the urban and regional economy (including labour and housing markets). Otto frequently gives lectures (at symposia and congresses for companies and policy makers, and guest lectures at universities) and has numerous national and international publications to his name. He is also chairman of the Dutch Regional Science Association (RSA; a network of scientists).

Before joining Rabobank in 2019, Otto worked at PBL The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and TNO. He studied Economics at Tilburg University and obtained his PhD at the University of Utrecht.

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