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Nic Vrieselaar

Senior Economist

Within RaboResearch Nic focusses on general economic trends within the Netherlands, like those on the labor market, the housing market and in Dutch politics.

He previously wrote for weekly magazine Elsevier and has studied economics in Maastricht and Copenhagen.

Publications Nic Vrieselaar


Terreur van de emotie (Dutch)

De meeste verpleeghuisbewoners zijn tevreden over de zorg die zij krijgen. Waarom trekken politici dan toch 2,1 miljard euro extra uit voor de zorg in zulke tehuizen?

Economic Comment Dutch version

The King’s Speech and the Dutch state budget

The Dutch caretaker government presented a budget light on new policies with limited extra spending on political imperatives. A coalition agreement is expected in October, but the current budget gives a new cabinet little space for extra spending.

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly Dutch version

Regional house price differences are widening

We expect a house price growth of 7.6 percent in the Netherlands in 2017. Country-wide, price peak of 2008 will be surpassed in early 2018 – in the more peripheral provinces this can take until 2020. We expect a stagnation of the number of sales in the second half of 2017.