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Michiel van der Veen


Michiel works as an economist at RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets.

He analyzes economic developments in the eurozone with a focus on southern Europe.

Michiel studied Economics and Finance at the University of Groningen.

Publications Michiel van der Veen


Post-EP elections: budgetary policy to the rescue?

Against the backdrop of limits to monetary policy, we investigate the issues at stake if budgetary policy were to take over the role of stimulus provider. Things have not been made easier by the EP election results, but we do see a few ways out.

Economic Comment

Italy climbs out of recession, but economic situation remains dire

First quarter GDP growth is revised downwards to 0.1%. Tensions between Brussels and Rome are likely to flare up again this autumn. We expect growth to decelerate in the rest of the year as policy uncertainty weighs on private sector confidence.

Economic Update

Spaanse economie begint het jaar sterk (Dutch)

De Spaanse economie begint het jaar sterk. Beleidsonzekerheid als gevolg van de verkiezingsuitslag van afgelopen zondag brengt de economie niet op haar knieën. Maar de vooruitzichten voor de langere termijn zijn wat minder gunstig.