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Michiel van der Veen


Michiel works as an economist at RaboResearch Economic Scenarios and Projections.

He contributes among other things to the development of macro-economic and interest rate scenarios used in, for example, stress tests.

Michiel studied Economics and Finance at the University of Groningen.

Publications Michiel van der Veen

Economic Comment Dutch version

COVID-19 Economic Dashboard

Hard economic data usually comes available at quite some lag. To gauge the economic impact of COVID-19 we look at more timely economic indicators that are readily available. Data on traffic jams, international flights, and restaurant bookings are released sooner and more frequently. This helps us to better monitor the economic situation during the COVID-19 crisis.

Economic Comment

Covid-19 economisch dashboard: hoe staat Nederland ervoor? (Dutch)

In deze publicatie presenteren wij periodiek een reeks grafieken, die samen een zo actueel mogelijk beeld geven van de Nederlandse economie in de context van de coronacrisis. Wij kijken bijvoorbeeld naar cijfers over mobiliteit, vertrouwen bij producenten en consumenten, maar ook werkgelegenheid, huizenprijzen en handel.

Economic Comment

Phase One Monitor – December update

Despite reversing the downward trend in September and October, China is still miles behind the target. There is a clear divergence on the progress towards targets for agricultural and energy imports, and manufacturing and services imports.


Biden and Trump policies: Compare and contrast

While both Trump and Biden want to boost economic growth and reduce unemployment, their approaches are radically different. In this report, we try to assess the impact of their policy plans on a range of macroeconomic variables, such as GDP, real income, public debt and trade.

Economic Report

Kunnen financiële transfers de verschillen in de eurozone overbruggen? (Dutch)

De verschillen binnen de EMU zijn door de coronacrisis alleen maar vergroot. Niet alle landen hebben de financiële ruimte om dit verschil te verkleinen. Financiële transfers kunnen een oplossing vormen, maar zijn het meest effectief in combinatie met een stijging van de lonen in Noord-Europa.


Eurozone: Closing the gap through fiscal transfers?

Economic convergence is a prerequisite for a stable Eurozone in the long run, but this may be hard to achieve. In the short term it might be more rewarding to investigate the possibilities of narrowing the gap in competitiveness.