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Michael Every

Global Strategist

Michael Every is a Global Strategist at Rabobank. He analyses major developments and contributes to the bank’s various economic research publications for internal and external customers and to the media.

Michael has over two decades of experience working as an Economist and Strategist. Before Rabobank, he was a Director at Silk Road Associates in Bangkok, Senior Economist and Fixed Income Strategist at the Royal Bank of Canada in both London and Sydney, and an Economist for Dun & Bradstreet in London. 

Michael holds a Masters degree in Economics (with distinction) from University College London and speaks a smattering of languages, including Thai.

Publications Michael Every


US-China Trade War: Back to the Future

The US had announced USD 50bn of tariffs on Chinese exports and China has responded with a matching USD 50bn of tariffs on US exports. But the US has now raised the ante with a further unspecified USD 200bn of tariffs on Chinese goods - and the threat of a further USD 200bn if China responds again in kind. What is the possible impact and what might happen next?


Is a US trade war imminent?

Trump’s protectionist steel decision increases the risk of a trade war. But a full scale trade war would hurt the US economy even more than China and the EU.


How serious is China’s housing market bubble?

Housing prices in China have been rising rapidly since the beginning of 2015 and it is the question whether or not this is supported by economic fundamentals. Possible negative economic consequences might be severe, since 12% of Chinese urban inhabitants live in ‘bubble-cities’.

Economic Quarterly Report

Japan: monetair beleid kan het niet alleen (Dutch)

Verrassende renteverlaging pakt averechts uit op valutamarkt; yen wordt duurder tegenover de Amerikaanse dollar. Onderliggend ontbreekt van Abenomics de pijl van broodnodige structurele economische hervormingen; monetair beleid kan het niet alleen.

Economic Quarterly Report

Wereldeconomie vertraagt, Nederlandse economie versnelt (Dutch)

Terwijl de groei van de wereldeconomie dit jaar vertraagt, zal de economische groei in ons land juist iets versnellen. Het Nederlandse BBP groeit dit jaar naar verwachting met 2¼% en deze groei zal in 2016 oplopen naar 2¾%. Onze export en de binnenlandse bestedingen zorgen ervoor dat de groei een brede basis heeft.