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Menno Middeldorp

Head of RaboResearch Netherlands and Chief Netherlands Economist

Menno Middeldorp is Head of RaboResearch Netherlands and Chief Netherlands Economist.

He leads Rabobank's group analysing the Dutch economy, with staff covering macroeconomics, the housing market, sectors, regions and environmental sustainability.

Menno has twenty years of international experience in economics and finance. Prior to his current role, he was an investment strategist at APG, the asset manager of pension fund ABP. Before that he worked at the Bank of England, New York Fed and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Earlier in his career Menno also held various research positions at Rabobank, including Senior Netherlands Economist. He has a doctorate in economics from Utrecht University. 

Publications Menno Middeldorp

Economic Comment Dutch version

The King’s Speech and the Dutch state budget

The Dutch caretaker government presented a budget light on new policies with limited extra spending on political imperatives. A coalition agreement is expected in October, but the current budget gives a new cabinet little space for extra spending.


De Nederlandse gevolgen van Amerikaanse toestanden (Dutch)

De perceptie dat de ongelijkheid is toegenomen is overgewaaid uit de VS. Wat Nederland betreft is dit 'fake news', althans voor inkomens- en vermogensongelijkheid, want die zijn hier niet gestegen. Maar dat wil niet zeggen dat de toegenomen ongelijkheid in de VS geen gevolgen heeft voor Nederland.