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Marc Marsidi

Climate & Sustainability Researcher

Marc Marsidi is a climate and sustainability researcher and is based in the Netherlands. He is part of the Regions, Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship (RISE) team within RaboResearch. Due to his data analytics background, Marc is also part of the cross-sectoral Sustainability, Data & Analytics (SuDA) team.

Marc is a sustainability professional with a focus on the energy transition of the Dutch energy-intensive industry. Before joining RaboResearch, Marc worked as an industry expert at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) where he worked on the Dutch Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production and Climate Transition subsidy scheme (SDE++).

Marc is experienced in working collaboratively with government agencies and industrial market players. He has worked on subsidy schemes for Dutch industry to encourage the adoption of decarbonization technologies, such as electric boilers and heat pumps.

He holds a BSc in Chemistry from VU Amsterdam and an MSc in Science and Innovation Management from Utrecht University.

Publications Marc Marsidi

Economic Comment

COP27 Takes a Step Toward Climate Justice But Fails To Contain Global Warming

Climate finance took center stage at COP27, resulting in an agreement to establish a “loss and damage” fund, albeit with all the details missing. Aside from this achievement, COP27 failed to bring us closer to the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C compared to pre-industrial levels.

Economic Report

Will Talk Turn Into Action at the ‘African’ COP27?

During COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, the pledges made at COP26 will have to be converted into actions. This article discusses where COP26 left us and what we can expect from the coming ‘African COP.’