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Maartje Wijffelaars

Senior economist Eurozone

Maartje Wijffelaars covers political and economic developments in Italy, Spain and the broader Eurozone economy.

On top of that, she writes about cross-border topics such as the (trade) relationship between the EU and the US. Maartje has worked at the economic research department of Rabobank since 2013. She previously worked at the University of Antwerp. There she analysed the relationship between financial institutions and government debt in the Eurozone, at the time of the global financial and Eurozone debt crisis. Maartje has studied International Economics and Finance at Tilburg University.

Publications Maartje Wijffelaars

Economic Quarterly Report Dutch version

Eurozone: Risk of further north-south divergence

The Covid-crisis further widens the differences within the Eurozone. Southern member states have less fiscal space to spur economic recovery. Additionally, the composition of the economy makes these countries more vulnerable. For 2020 we forecast a GDP contraction of 9.1%.


Een nieuwe eurocrisis kost Nederland veel meer geld dan een herstelfonds (Dutch)

De Europese Commissie wil een herstelfonds oprichten om zwakke eurolanden te helpen. Premier Rutte keerde zich snel tegen giften en beschouwt het plan als onverkoopbaar in Nederland. Door de sterke verbinding die ons land door handel en investeringen met Europa heeft, is het herstelfonds ook in het belang van Nederland.


EU recovery fund: What will be the impact?

The European Commission presented a recovery fund for the EU. Although there a quite some hurdles to be taken, a compromise does not look out of reach. The pooling of liabilities is further completes the European capital market.