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Maartje Wijffelaars

Senior Economist

Maartje works as an economist at RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets.

She focuses extensively on (political and economic) developments in the eurozone as a whole and in the member states Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece.

Maartje previously worked at the University of Antwerp where she researched the relationship between financial institutions and government debt in the eurozone at the time of the financial crisis. She studied Economics and Finance at Tilburg University.

Publications Maartje Wijffelaars

Economic Quarterly Report

Een eurozonecrisis staat niet voor de deur (Dutch)

De economische groei in de eurozone zwakt dit jaar wat af, maar blijft relatief sterk. De handelsspanningen met de VS, politieke ontwikkelingen in Zuid-Europa en dure olie zijn belangrijke risico’s. De eurozone staat echter zeker niet op omvallen.

Economic Report Dutch version

Spain is not Italy!

Unlike in Italy, Spain’s new government is very much pro-EU and has indicated to comply with the European budget rules. The economic impact of the government shuffle will expectedly be very limited in the short term. Early elections are likely.

Economic Report Dutch version

The implications of Italy’s populist government

President Mattarella has approved a Five Star-League government. The government has the intention to go on a spending spree and intensify opposition against Brussels, but not to leave the Eurozone. The risk, though, cannot be fully neglected.

Economic Comment

Italy’s political crisis continues

The short-term economic impact of the current political turmoil is limited. Italy will likely keep the Euro, but a government with Five Star and the League could severely damage debt sustainability and longer term growth prospects.