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Maartje Wijffelaars

Senior Economist

Maartje works as an economist at RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets.

She focuses extensively on (political and economic) developments in the eurozone as a whole and in the member states Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece.

Maartje previously worked at the University of Antwerp where she researched the relationship between financial institutions and government debt in the eurozone at the time of the financial crisis. She studied Economics and Finance at Tilburg University.

Publications Maartje Wijffelaars

Country Report

Country Report Italy

In 2012, Italy’s GDP contracted amid harsh fiscal austerity measures and ongoing European debt crisis. The weak growth outlook in both the short and the long-term requires firm action by the government.

Country Report

Country Report Finland

The recovery of the Finnish economy slowed in 2012 and the growth outlook for 2013 is weak. The export dependent economy is struggling with weak external demand, but also with structural issues concerning its main export sectors.

Economic Update

Conjunctuurbeeld Italië (Dutch)

Zwakke binnenlandse vraag leidde tot een sterke BBP-krimp in 12K4. Sentimentsindicatoren blijven wijzen op verdere krimp. De beëdiging van een nieuwe regering heeft investeerders positief gestemd maar maakt geen einde aan de politieke instabiliteit.

Economic Update

Conjunctuurbeeld België (Dutch)

De aanhoudend sombere stemming onder producenten en consumenten voorspelt vooralsnog weinig toename in de economische activiteit. De relatief aanzienlijke begrotingsmaatregelen in 2013 fungeren als een extra tegenwind voor de economische groei.

Economic Update

Economic Update Belgium

Declining producer and consumer sentiment points to a very weak pace of economic activity going forward. In addition, the relatively large fiscal adjustment in 2013 will act as a strong headwind to economic growth.

Economic Update

Conjunctuurbeeld Italië (Dutch)

In 12K4 is het BBP voor het zesde kwartaal op rij gekrompen. Italiaanse staatsrentes zijn gestegen als gevolg van de beleidsonzekerheid die na de verkiezingen is ontstaan. Mogelijk tast dit ook het broze consumenten- en producentenvertrouwen aan.

Economic Update

Economic Update Italy

In 12Q4 GDP shrank for the sixth consecutive quarter. Uncertainty about the policy of the next government has led to increased yields on both government bonds. It may also weaken the fragile consumer and producer sentiment.

Economic Report Dutch version

Italian elections: A lost year?

Given the Italian election outcome, resurgence of political and financial market unrest seems likely. No party has obtained a workable majority and a coalition seems extremely difficult to be formed. In any case, the appetite for further fiscal austerity and reforms will be lower than desired.

Economic Comment

Eurozone’s growth disappoints in 12Q4 (Dutch)

The eurozone GDP contracted by 0.6% q-o-q in the final quarter of 2012. Sentiment indicators suggest the economy will fare better in 13Q1, but we do not expect growth to pick up strongly in 2013 amid severe economic headwinds.