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Lize Nauta


Lize Nauta works as an economist at RaboResearch Netherlands.

She covers the forecasts for the different sectors within the Netherlands.
Lize has studied International Economics at the University of Groningen.

Publications Lize Nauta

Economic Comment

Nederlandse coronasteun in beeld (Dutch)

Ongeveer een derde van de Nederlandse bedrijven maakt aanspraak op ten minste één vorm van coronasteun. In internationaal perspectief is de Nederlandse coronasteun laag.


Comparing G20’s cash cannon in 2020

Advanced G20 countries have really fired up the cash cannon compared to emerging G20 economies during Covid-19. But without this sizeable government spending by both the advanced and the emerging G20 countries, G20’s total contraction could have been four times more severe.

Economic Update

The Netherlands: Winter dip due to partial lockdown

We expect the economic impact of the partial lockdown to be smaller than the intelligent lockdown last spring, but consumer spending and investments will be hit hard. Because of the partial lockdown, the government announced extra support in the third support package.

Economic Report

Nederlandse coronasteun internationaal vergeleken (Dutch)

Hoe verhoudt de Nederlandse noodsteun zich tot die van andere landen? Voor wat betreft onze directe overheidssteun is die vergelijkbaar, maar ons kabinet legt meer focus op baanbehoud. Verder reserveert Nederland minder voor kredietgaranties.

Economic Update Dutch version

The Netherlands: Slow recovery of consumption

Extra expenditures due to the corona crisis make governmental finances deteriorate. The recovery of consumption is slow but the third support package and some fiscal measures are likely to stimulate domestic demand.