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Ksenija Vojevoda

Head of Country Risk

Ksenija Vojevoda works as Head of Country Risk at RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets.

Ksenija graduated in International Management/CEMS from Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) and subsequently joined Rabobank as a Corporate Management trainee. After having gained broad experience in various departments within Rabobank she joined the Country Risk team in 2015. Besides the direct country risk work, Ksenija is also responsible for the (re)development of the existing country risk policies and models. 

Publications Ksenija Vojevoda

Economic Report

Asia-Pacific: the rise of China in a (geo)politically diverse continent

Strong economic growth has diminished poverty in the region and will swell the ranks of the middle class. But corruption levels are high, China’s influence in the region is increasing and the dispute surrounding the South China Sea may generate stability risks.

Country Report

Russia: bottoming out?

Russia’s economy might be finally bottoming out after recording a 5% yoy contraction in 2Q15, the sharpest in six years. However the growth outlook remains bleak due to structurally lower oil prices, existing sanctions and lack of structural reforms.

Country Report

Peru: losing steam

Falling commodity prices take their toll on the Peruvian economy and currency. Political vacuum leaves room for more radical outsiders in the 2016 elections.

Country Report

Country Report Russia

Russia’s economy is forecasted to shrink by around 4% in 2015, on the back of lower oil prices and imposed sanctions. The outlook also remains bleak due to low investor confidence and a tightening of the government’s control over the country.

Country Report

Country Report Ukraine

Due to the conflict, Ukraine’s economy has shrunk considerably, which also manifests economic mismanagement of the past years. The country’s outlook remains highly uncertain as the government hasn’t managed to set the economy on the right course yet.