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Kan Ji


Kan Ji works as an economist at RaboResearch Economic Scenarios and Projections.

Kan Ji is mainly involved in macroeconomic forecasts for the Netherlands as well as a wide range of other countries in the world. Besides, she also contributes to scenario analyses for the stress tests and IFRS.

Kan works as an economist at RaboReseasrch since March 2019.  Previously she worked as a research economist at CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, where her research focused on the interactions between financial market development and macro economy. She has a PhD in Economics at Tilburg University.  Her academic research has been published in journals such as Macroeconomic Dynamics, Journal of Macroeconomics, and Environmental & Resource Economics.

Publications Kan Ji


Will Europe be left in the cold next winter?

The current energy crisis has highlighted the geopolitical risks associated with our dependence on Russian gas. The EU aims to become fully independent from Russian energy, but replacing Russian gas fully is easier said than done.

Economic Comment

China: Rising tensions

The rising tensions between China, the EU, US, UK and Canada could have wide implications, from hurting the chances of ratifying the recent EU China investment deal to effects on the global supply of cotton.


Scenario’s zijn onmisbaar bij voorspellen in crisistijd (Dutch)

Economische voorspellingen in crisistijd zijn nog onzekerder dan normaal. Daarom werken we met scenario-analyses. Voor de huidige crisis hebben wij aannames gemaakt over de lengte en omvang van de lockdown-maatregelen, het monetaire en begrotingsbeleid, de omvang van handelsbelemmeringen en structurele productiviteitseffecten.


Global Economic Contraction: Re-assessing the impact of COVID-19

We have revised our economic forecasts and expect the global economy to contract by 2.6% in 2020. How quickly the economy recovers after the coronavirus crisis depends on how fast people get back to work and whether productivity growth is permanently damaged.


Coronavirus: The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on India

We have estimated the impact of COVID-19 on India’s economy, which in our base case is relatively benign due to India’s limited ties with China. However, if there the virus spreads further within India growth will go down sharply.

Economic Quarterly Report

Economische kerngegevens (Dutch)

De meest recente economische voorspellingen voor de Nederlandse en internationale economie en de financiële markten.