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Jurriaan Kalf


Jurriaan Kalf was economist and liaison officer for several business units.

He was responsible for picking up signals from corporate clients and translating these signals to themes to focus our economic research. Before this role, Jurriaan was economist and country risk analyst for the North America, the Middle-East and Asia.

Jurriaan studied financial economics at Utrecht University and interned at the Dutch central bank before being trained as policy economist at the Dutch government

Publications Jurriaan Kalf

Country Report

Mexico: growth holds up well despite austerity

Growth is holding up well despite the fallout from low oil prices and the resulting fiscal austerity, which strongly and negatively affects public investment but at the same time supports the credibility of the government’s economic policies.

Economic Comment

Verkiezingen Spanje: nieuwe partijen, nieuw beleid? (Dutch)

De zittende centrumrechtse regering wint de nationale verkiezingen, maar verliest haar absolute meerderheid in het parlement. Het is nog onduidelijk of de nieuwe regering de grote economische uitdagingen waar Spanje mee kampt grondig zal aanpakken.

Special Dutch version

Sub-Saharan Africa: struggling, but still growing

Sub-Saharan Africa is facing headwinds from lower commodity prices, a slower growing China and possibly rising US interest rates. This has made the economic outlook gloomier but we still expect the region to grow about 4% in the near future.

Country Report

South Africa: exacerbating structural problems

South Africa’s growth outlook is held back by low investor confidence and structural weaknesses in areas such as infrastructure, labour and competition. Neither of these are likely to be addressed in the current financial and political climate.

Economic Comment

Wat doet TTIP voor Nederland? (Dutch)

De EU en de VS onderhandelen momenteel over het handelsakkoord TTIP. De meeste studies wijzen op gematigd positieve economische effecten als TTIP wordt ingevoerd.