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Jurriaan Kalf


Jurriaan Kalf was economist and liaison officer for several business units.

He was responsible for picking up signals from corporate clients and translating these signals to themes to focus our economic research. Before this role, Jurriaan was economist and country risk analyst for the North America, the Middle-East and Asia.

Jurriaan studied financial economics at Utrecht University and interned at the Dutch central bank before being trained as policy economist at the Dutch government

Publications Jurriaan Kalf

Economic Comment

Vier vragen over het klimaatakkoord (Dutch)

Het klimaatakkoord is ambitieus, maar veel plannen wachten nog op nadere uitwerking. Het is daardoor niet duidelijk wat de impact zal zijn voor consumenten, bedrijven en de overheid. Bovendien kan een tekort aan personeel de boel ophouden.


The future of carbon investment after the Paris Agreement

The future of green investments is inextricably linked to the outlook for the cost of carbon. In this article, we look at the current path of carbon reduction and its outlook. We also look at regulatory and private sector trends in Europe.

Economic Report Dutch version

The impact of Blockchain on trade finance

Blockchain is a technology which allows for an automatic and safe check and execution of transactions. Blockchain offers the opportunity to finance trade more cheaply and with less risk. Banks will remain an important player in trade finance.