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Jesse Groenewegen


Jesse Groenewegen works as economist for RaboResearch Netherlands.

He covers both short-term and long-term developments in the Dutch economy. Previously, he worked for the Ministry of Finance. Jesse studied economics at the University of Oxford.

Publications Jesse Groenewegen

Economic Comment

How accurate are the Dutch election polls?

The Dutch Tweede Kamer elections are two weeks away. Our previous publication with three scenarios for the likely result is still current. But how accurate are the polls?

Economic Report Dutch version

Is The Netherlands nex(i)t?

All eyes are on the Netherlands next March during the parliamentary elections. Could it be the next country to experience a populist upheaval? And could the election results even lead to a ‘Nexit’?

Economic Report Dutch version

The unknown potential of the Dutch economy

The crisis is over. Forecasts of permanently lower economic growth can apparently be shelved. But the level of uncertainty is high. A deeper analysis shows that it is not at all certain that growth of two per cent can continue for a longer period.