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Fabian Briegel


Fabian Briegel works as a researcher at RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets.

Fabian focuses on economic and political developments in Europe and North America. Previously, he was an analyst for Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Central America and the Caribbean.

Before joining Rabobank, he worked as a policy advisor at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Fabian studied International Economics and Finance at Tilburg University.

Publications Fabian Briegel

Country Report

Thailand: heading for extended military rule

Thailand is heading for extended military rule, as the National Assembly rejected the proposal for a new constitution paving the way to early elections. Economic growth remains relatively weak, forcing the government to revert to populist economic policies.

Economic Report

The perils of diverging monetary policy

Monetary policies in the eurozone and US are on the verge of parting ways. For the world economy as a whole, there is a risk that this monetary divergence will fuel external imbalances among the largest economies.

Economic Quarterly Report

Wereldeconomie vertraagt, Nederlandse economie versnelt (Dutch)

Terwijl de groei van de wereldeconomie dit jaar vertraagt, zal de economische groei in ons land juist iets versnellen. Het Nederlandse BBP groeit dit jaar naar verwachting met 2¼% en deze groei zal in 2016 oplopen naar 2¾%. Onze export en de binnenlandse bestedingen zorgen ervoor dat de groei een brede basis heeft.