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Ester Barendregt

Chief Economist/head Netherlands, Economics and Sustainability at RaboResearch

Ester Barendregt leads the Netherlands, Economics and Sustainability team at RaboResearch. As chief economist, with this team, she develops and communicates the view of RaboResearch on the (Dutch) economy.

Ester has twenty years of experience in the financial sector and in the public sector. In 2015 she joined Rabobank as an economist. Before, she worked at the Netherlands Ministry of Finance and at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington DC. She was educated in international economics at Maastricht University, including one year of political science at the Institute of Sciences Po(litiques) in Paris.

Publications Ester Barendregt

Special Dutch version

Trump’s impact on the economy

As of January 20, Donald J. Trump is President of the United States. In this Special we sketch the changes in economic policy that we should expect in the coming years, in particular in the areas of fiscal stimulus, trade policy, and energy policy. We also look at effects on US public debt sustainability, and market implications.

Country Report

Croatia: successful reforms much needed but unlikely

Croatia’s short term outlook has improved on the back of higher private consumption, investment and exports. Unfortunately, chances of successful structural and fiscal reforms by the new government are dim, due to its small and likely unstable majority.