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Ester Barendregt

Head of RaboResearch Netherlands

Ester is head of RaboResearch Netherlands

Together with her team, she develops RaboResearch’s view of the Dutch economy. She takes care of the economic projections and scenarios that we provide to help clients and other stakeholders to prepare for the future.

Before joining Rabobank in 2015, Ester worked in the Netherlands’ ministry of Finance and at the International Monetary Fund. She was educated in international economics at Maastricht University, including one year of political science at Sciences Po(litiques) in Paris.

Publications Ester Barendregt

Country Report

Chile: economic reality holds back reforms

Despite low copper prices, growth picks up modestly on the back of government stimulus and external rebalancing, but risks remain tilted to the downside. Economic reality and Bachelet’s low popular approval rates hold back reform ambitions.