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Ester Barendregt

Head of RaboResearch Netherlands

Ester is head of RaboResearch Netherlands

Together with her team, she develops RaboResearch’s view of the Dutch economy. She takes care of the economic projections and scenarios that we provide to help clients and other stakeholders to prepare for the future.

Before joining Rabobank in 2015, Ester worked in the Netherlands’ ministry of Finance and at the International Monetary Fund. She was educated in international economics at Maastricht University, including one year of political science at Sciences Po(litiques) in Paris.

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Meteoronomie (Dutch)

Voor hun voorspellingen zouden economen graag net als meteorologen beschikking hebben over meer real time data. Zullen de woningmarktcijfers over januari – nu nog niet beschikbaar – onze verwachting ondersteunen dat de huizenprijsstijging in 2019 afzwakt?

Economic Quarterly Report Dutch version

Global economic outlook: The economy has peaked

Global growth will decline moderately in the coming years, both in advanced and emerging market economies. Persistent risks such as escalation of the trade war or a disorderly Brexit are a permanent concern in this slowdown.

Economic Update

France’s 2019 budget to reduce size of government

French President Macron struggles with low approval ratings and decreasing economic confidence, despite a strong parliamentary mandate for reform and upward economic potential. The 2019 budget proposal reduces the size of government, modest improvements in public finances and stimulus for private demand.