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Ester Barendregt

Senior Economist

Ester is a Senior Economist at RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets.

She analyses developments in the global economy and translates themes such as the impact of Trumpism and the future of Europe into publications and presentations for clients. 

Previously, Ester worked as a (senior) advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Finance and the International Monetary Fund. She obtained a master's degree in International Economics at the University of Maastricht, and studied political science at Sciences Po(litiques) in Paris.

Publications Ester Barendregt

Economic Quarterly Report

Economische kerngegevens (Dutch)

De meest recente economische voorspellingen voor de Nederlandse en internationale economie en de financiële markten.


Trump's executive orders

While executive orders allow the President to act unilaterally, the US political system has several checks and balances in place that give the Congress and the courts the power to derail or overturn his decisions. Trade conflicts are the main downside risk of Trump’s executive orders.

Economic Comment

Trumps eerste weken – een nieuwe orde(r)? (Dutch)

Trump is zijn termijn gestart met een reeks presidentiële orders die veel stof doet opwaaien. De inzet van presidentiële orders is van alle tijden. De economische impact van Trumps orders verschilt per order en is deels afhankelijk van de steun van het Congres.