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Erik-Jan van Harn

Data scientist Global Economics & Markets

Erik-Jan does research on the international economy and financial markets. He holds a degree in mathematics and quantitative finance.

Publications Erik-Jan van Harn

Economic Report Dutch version

France: COVID-19 ends a record of robust growth

We have revised our GDP forecast for 2020 from 1.1% to a contraction of 4.6%. French companies and households are in a better position than they were prior to the previous crisis but if the lockdown is extended, things can quickly turn sour.

Economic Comment

COVID-19 Economic Dashboard

Since it takes a while before hard data is available, we have gathered a number of timely economic indicators that we can use to gauge the economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.

Economic Comment

A second blow for the German economy

Germany’s economy was stagnating and the coronacrisis deals a second blow. Indicators suggest that German corporates are better equipped to absorb the shock than just before the GCF. Moreover, the government is well equipped to handle the crisis.