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Erik-Jan van Harn


Erik-Jan works as an economist at RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets.

He analyses economic developments in the Eurozone with a focus on Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Erik-Jan studied Applied Mathematics at the University of Utrecht and Quantitative Finance & Actuarial Sciences at Tilburg University.

Publications Erik-Jan van Harn


De impact van Trump op Europese autotarieven (Dutch)

Hoe waarschijnlijk is het dat de Amerikaanse president Trump de invoertarieven op Europese auto’s zal verhogen en wat zal daarvan de economische impact zijn? Maartje Wijffelaars en Erik-Jan van Harn daarover in deze video.


Very dangerous European cars part II

Soon, President Trump will announce what to do with tariffs on EU cars. We think he will not hike tariffs just yet, but will keep the tariff threat alive. Within the EU, the German and Hungarian economy are most vulnerable to higher car tariffs in the US.


German fiscal stimulus: Will politicians heed the call?

Trouble in the German economy has more structural groundings than just the trade war. The aging population will have a significant downward effect. We compute the impact of two investment packages for R&D, education and infrastructure.

Economic Comment

Eurozone economy: A party without cake

The Eurozone economy grew with 0.2% in 19Q3. At first sight maybe little to cheer about, but given the trade tensions and ailing manufacturing sector, worth a minor celebration. Maybe more importantly, for now this is as good as it gets.