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Elwin de Groot

Head of macro strategy

Elwin de Groot covers the global economy and financial markets and is responsible for a team of international economists and macro strategists.

The European economy and financial markets, including ECB monetary policy are his key areas of attention. Being a seasoned speaker, Elwin gives many presentations and lectures for various client groups. He joined Rabobank in 2006. Before that he worked as a European economist at Fortis Bank. He started his career at the Dutch Institute for Applied Scientific Research, where he worked as a researcher and project manager. Elwin holds a Masters Degree in Economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Publications Elwin de Groot


EU recovery fund: What will be the impact?

The European Commission presented a recovery fund for the EU. Although there a quite some hurdles to be taken, a compromise does not look out of reach. The pooling of liabilities is further completes the European capital market.


Looking beyond the COVID-19 crisis

While we currently expect a V-shaped recovery for the global economy, there is a clear risk of a more U-shaped or even L-shaped recovery. There could also be effects on global growth beyond the 2021 horizon. We expect annual structural growth (up to 2030) in the US to drop from 1.6% to 1.4%. For the Netherlands, structural growth is set to decline from 1.3% to 1.1%.


Coronavirus: Outbreak of uncertainty

We outline four scenarios in which the coronavirus outbreak becomes increasingly severe and discuss the implications for China and the world economy.


Economic implications of the coronavirus

The recent coronavirus outbreak will likely affect China’s economic growth, and could also have global ramifications. which will likely be more severe than compared to the SARS outbreak 17 years ago because China has become much bigger and more intertwined globally.