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Elwin de Groot

Head of macro strategy

Elwin de Groot covers the global economy and financial markets and is responsible for a team of international economists and macro strategists.

The European economy and financial markets, including ECB monetary policy are his key areas of attention. Being a seasoned speaker, Elwin gives many presentations and lectures for various client groups. He joined Rabobank in 2006. Before that he worked as a European economist at Fortis Bank. He started his career at the Dutch Institute for Applied Scientific Research, where he worked as a researcher and project manager. Elwin holds a Masters Degree in Economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Publications Elwin de Groot


The US-China trade war in the rerun

The US has raised import tariffs from 10% to 25% on 200bn worth of Chinese goods shipped to US shores and China has vowed to retaliate. In this report, we assess the economic impact of these measures, as well as a scenario where the US-China trade war fully escalates.

Economic Comment

Eurozone: A gradual slowdown, mounting challenges

GDP of the Eurozone grew with 0.2% in the 4th quarter. France and Spain performed better than expected, but Italy entered a recession with two quarters of negative growth rates.

Economic Report

Eurozone: Revisiting growth

The disappointing recovery of the German car sector, the yellow vests in France and slowing external demand lead to a downward revision of our growth figures for 2018Q4 and 2019Q1.


Can private debtors in the Eurozone weather interest rate shocks?

In many Eurozone countries, private sector debt has decreased in recent years and so has the vulnerability of the private sector to higher interest rates. Yet in many countries debt remains high and in several countries vulnerabilities are still present.