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Elwin de Groot

Head of macro strategy

Elwin de Groot covers the global economy and financial markets and is responsible for a team of international economists and macro strategists.

The European economy and financial markets, including ECB monetary policy are his key areas of attention. Being a seasoned speaker, Elwin gives many presentations and lectures for various client groups. He joined Rabobank in 2006. Before that he worked as a European economist at Fortis Bank. He started his career at the Dutch Institute for Applied Scientific Research, where he worked as a researcher and project manager. Elwin holds a Masters Degree in Economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Publications Elwin de Groot


Economic implications of the coronavirus

The recent coronavirus outbreak will likely affect China’s economic growth, and could also have global ramifications. which will likely be more severe than compared to the SARS outbreak 17 years ago because China has become much bigger and more intertwined globally.


Trade deal China-US: Phase One, Phase None

The Phase 1 trade deal signed by the US and China in January 2020 has created a temporary but unstable equilibrium. The deal could still collapse and a re-acceleration of trade tensions in 2020 remains our base scenario.


Eurozone recessions, a historical perspective

Against a backdrop of increasing talk about a new Eurozone recession, we first take a deep dive into the historical data. We show that since the 1960s there have basically been two types of recessions: common Eurozone recessions and idiosyncratic (country specific) recessions.

Economic Quarterly Report

Rente en valuta: ongefundeerd optimisme (Dutch)

Het optimisme in de financiële markten is in onze ogen niet houdbaar en wij zien weer lagere rentes in de loop van 2020. Terwijl het Britse pond het meeste positieve nieuws wel heeft verwerkt, blijft de dollar voorlopig sterk. Fed renteverlagingen zullen uiteindelijk wel op de dollar gaan wegen.


Very dangerous European cars part II

Soon, President Trump will announce what to do with tariffs on EU cars. We think he will not hike tariffs just yet, but will keep the tariff threat alive. Within the EU, the German and Hungarian economy are most vulnerable to higher car tariffs in the US.


US-China trade war: no turning back

The recent announcement from the US to further up the ante in the trade dispute with China clearly marks a new escalation in the trade war. If one takes China’s recent response into account, it’s hard to see either side trying to ease tensions at this stage.


Post-EP elections: budgetary policy to the rescue?

Against the backdrop of limits to monetary policy, we investigate the issues at stake if budgetary policy were to take over the role of stimulus provider. Things have not been made easier by the EP election results, but we do see a few ways out.