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Elwin de Groot

Head of macro strategy

Elwin de Groot covers the global economy and financial markets and is responsible for a team of international economists and macro strategists.

The European economy and financial markets, including ECB monetary policy are his key areas of attention. Being a seasoned speaker, Elwin gives many presentations and lectures for various client groups. He joined Rabobank in 2006. Before that he worked as a European economist at Fortis Bank. He started his career at the Dutch Institute for Applied Scientific Research, where he worked as a researcher and project manager. Elwin holds a Masters Degree in Economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Publications Elwin de Groot


European geopolitics: A more assertive EU?

So far the EU has often taken a backseat in international matters, but the EU is waking up to a new geopolitical reality. Has the EU become more assertive? And what role does Germany, as the natural leader of the bloc, play?


EU recovery fund: What will be the impact?

The European Commission presented a recovery fund for the EU. Although there a quite some hurdles to be taken, a compromise does not look out of reach. The pooling of liabilities is further completes the European capital market.


Looking beyond the COVID-19 crisis

While we currently expect a V-shaped recovery for the global economy, there is a clear risk of a more U-shaped or even L-shaped recovery. There could also be effects on global growth beyond the 2021 horizon. We expect annual structural growth (up to 2030) in the US to drop from 1.6% to 1.4%. For the Netherlands, structural growth is set to decline from 1.3% to 1.1%.


Coronavirus: Outbreak of uncertainty

We outline four scenarios in which the coronavirus outbreak becomes increasingly severe and discuss the implications for China and the world economy.