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Elizabeth Lunik

Analyst - Farm Inputs

Elizabeth Lunik was a (senior agricultural) sustainability researcher for food and agribusiness at RaboResearch.

She focused on topics related to farming practices and economics, sustainability, GHG emissions, and environmental footprinting at RaboResearch. She previously covered Farm Inputs Europe &Africa markets at Rabobank. Before Rabobank, she worked for three years at the Th√ľnen Institute of Farm Economics and part of the agri benchmark network where she focused on international farm-level production economics and analysis of alternative management practices to reduce GHG emissions.

Elizabeth studied Agricultural Economics at Purdue University (Indiana).

Publications Elizabeth Lunik

Economic Comment

Carbon farming: Four actions the EU can take to make it happen

The EU wants to incentivize farmers to adopt carbon farming practices. Recently, the EU Commission summarized the challenges and actions needed to increase carbon removal. We outline four important ways the EU can enable carbon farming.


How to Unlock the Green Potential of the Agricultural Sector

Agriculture is a major emitter of greenhouse gases. The sector can also play a key role in fighting climate change due to the potential of carbon sequestration in soils. Verified carbon credits can be an effective mechanism in this regard. Banks can provide supply-side and demand-side solutions.