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Cristian Stet

Energy Transition Analyst

Cristian Stet is an Energy Transition Analyst at RaboResearch. His research focus is on power markets and on their increasing importance in relation to the Energy Transition.

Cristian finished his PhD in Energy Finance at Erasmus University Rotterdam. During his PhD, he focused on providing a better understanding on the flexibility needs of power markets in the context of an increasing share of supply from variable renewable sources. Cristian also holds an MSc in Finance and Investments from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Publications Cristian Stet


COP26: Big Headlines, Reality Less Sunny, Yet Some Progress Achieved

Post-COP26, the 1.5°C target is still out of reach, but the gap narrows as Glasgow brought some progress. Paris Agreement Rulebook was finalized and new emission reduction pledges were announced. Yet, credibility concerns cast some shadow over these announcements and climate finance remains unsettled.

Economic Comment

COP26, What Can We Expect?

To “keep the 1.5°C target alive” within COP26, we need more stringent targets for 2030, not only for 2050. Progress could come from new methane emissions targets and through advancements in discussions on Paris Agreement Rulebook and climate finance.